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23rd  October 2016
30th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Yr C)
World Mission Sunday

  picture of stained glass window of the Pharisee and Publican  

Fr Chris writes.......

Today we have our annual World Mission Sunday collection and we pray for the whole family of the Church. A big part of our Church (about 40%) still needs our help to survive and grow to self-sufficiency. Even more challenging is the fact that more than 50% of the world’s people has never heard of Jesus, and so don’t know that they are loved unconditionally by God. Let us support the work of missionaries and the young Churches as they build schools, provide healthcare and share faith, often in difficult and dangerous circumstances, so that all may know of God’s love and live a life of dignity.
To know God (through prayer) it helps to know ourselves. A great problem we have today is that of our failure to know ourselves. That sense of finding our identity can be painful and therefore it is a journey that many choose not to make. It is difficult to recognise the bad in me and deal with it within myself. In support groups, especially for addictive behaviour, people often say that the turning point is when they can name their weakness.
The Pharisee was full of himself (just as you and I can be full of ourselves). He was the centre of his own world. From his exalted position, he looked down on others, some of whom he despised.
The Tax-Collector, on the other hand, humbled himself before God. He placed his hope in the mercy of God. We would do well to do the same. God prefers the broken and contrite heart that knows its failures over the complacent and arrogant one that claims never to have sinned. A Yiddish saying has “Better a sinner who knows he’s a sinner than a saint who knows he’s a saint.” If we can say “I am a sinner” with conviction and humility, we are very close to God. If, after prayer, we are proud or self-satisfied, we have prayed not to God but have idolised ourselves!
We have said much about ‘prayer’ in these past few weeks and it is very relevant on this World Mission Sunday. Prayer is our lifeline with God; it keeps us in check in our Christian lives. “If only prayer could be simpler or easier,” we think, but then we may be thinking like the Pharisee and not the tax collector!

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